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About Us

Center Log Stair 001

Our Mission is Simple:

Inspire Imagination and Creativity through exceptional products and service.

BC Log Stair and Rail Inc was created primarliy to build unique custom log and timber frame stairs and railings. We were looking to take the pioneering spirit of rustic stairs in the past and combine them with uniquely creative designs for modern log home-living in the present day.

Our finest master craftsmen and design artists work with you to create awe-inspiring works of functional art. We believe that our clients deserve to be treated uniquely and with this in mind, we custom-build for the high-end log and timber frame market. Create unique stairs, railings and furniture for people who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and quality. We work towards creating an original piece for each client. Blending nature with function, and creativity with imagination, a piece of art is born.

As our business has grown, we have be asked whether we can provide information to help with other aspects of log homes, and so have added a links page with useful information; as we find more links we will add these to create a resource library for your convenience in the hope that this will assist you with your projects.

Also we are in the process of creating a cooperative of other talented people, such as Log Home Builders,Contractors, Carvers, Product Producers, etcetera so that we can help you complete your project on time with minimal delays.

BC Log Stair and Rail Inc.

Box 32, Errington,

B.C., Canada


Phone/Fax: 1(250) 248-6017

Contact: David Edgeley