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Frequently Asked Questions!

Where is  BC Log Stair and Rail Inc located?

We are located near Parksville on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Please see Contact Us for directions and a map.

How do I inquire about a Custom orders, Log homes, Stairs or Furniture?

We can be contacted Monday to Friday, between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Pacific Standard Time regarding  inquiries.
Phone : (250) 248-6017
Email: info@logstairandrail.com

How long do custom orders take to craft and deliver?

Custom project usually take from 2 to 6 weeks to complete, however in the case of homes and large staircases this maybe longer.

Does BC Log Stair and Rail handle large orders for B&B’s and resort, etc?

BC Log Stair and Rail Inc deals with resorts internationally, we can provide most requirements from the log home structure to the interiors.

Finishing a product?

Due to the nature of log products and the variety of climates that our products are put in we have found that  finishing a product here is not always the best way. So our products are shipped ready for a finish coat to be applied.

Do all logs check and crack?

Checking is a natural  process adding more character and natural beauty to the log products. 95 % of all cracks and checks take place  before we  craft the piece into  Functional Art this allows us to make the most use of these features. Checking is a natural process and occurs in all logs regardless of species, but does not effect  the integrity or strength of the piece of  log work. It is worth mentioning that some of the character of logs can be in the splatting and bluing of a log,  also in the tracks that are created by insects before the log is peeled, we sometime use this to get an effect that we think would look good.

Where do we deliver to?

We deliver internationally and are pleased to do so, however much as we would like your business, the cost of shipping outside of Canada can   sometime  add extra cost and so checking  with someone in your area maybe more cost effective. On the other we have clients from the USA who drive up for a holiday and take their purchase home with them. Vancouver Island is a beautiful part of the world and well worth a visit.

What speices of wood do we use mostly?

We mostly use Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Alder, Pine and Western Maple.


1(250) 248-6017