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Log Homes

Custom Log Homes:

Wyoming Log Home

Luxury Log Homes

As part of our expansion we can now offer you the opportunity to have your Custom Log Home built by BC Log Stair and Rail Inc and our Associate builders. We are now working with two Custom Log Home Builders to provide you with some of the finest Log Homes on the market. These hand picked companies bring  many years of experience and craftsmanship to their discipline. Their log homes have  been shipped through out Canada, United State and as far away as Europe, Asia and South America, so we can ship to you to.

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Unique Log Interiors

Each Log Home is custom built to your specifications, from large family homes to your  cabin on the lake. We can also accommodate Resorts and large building developments. There are a number of styles from the very clean and elegant Pressure Washed log style, where the bark is removed by a high powered pressure washing, to the more traditional Hand Peeled  look , Timber frame buildings are also an exciting option.

Different Styles of Log Homes

1) Full Scribe: Log Homes come in many different flavors these days,  however there are four main types of construction. The first of these are the more traditional full scribe log building     where the logs are laid flat horizontally on one another.

2) Post and Beam: Next is the post and beam and as it name suggests there are both vertical and horizontal members. This is a great style if you are looking for accenting with logs, but want to leave your walls flat in between with room to add other colors to your home.

3) Fusion Style: This is a less know method, called the fusion style and has a very dramatic look. Usually the first 3 logs of the building are laid in the more traditional method horizontally and then posts are added to the second floor height where another layer or two of logs are laid horizontally and then the upper floor is built with the post and beam method.

4) Timber Frame: Lastly the timber frame method. The main difference between this method and the post & beam log home is that one has square timbers and the other has round logs. Both are equally unique and stylish. At the end of the day it comes down to which style you prefer.

Fusion Style Log Home

Fusion Style Log Home

Full Scribe

Full Scribe

Post and Beam

Post and Beam

Timber Frame Style

Timber Frame Style


We use a variety of Log home notches from the more traditional round and saddle notch to the dramtic diamond  notch. Flares or Flutes as they are also known can be used, this is where the butt of the tree flares out. Character piece can also be added to create dramatic effects   in and outside of the building.

If we can help you to build your Dream Log Home.

Contact us at: Info@logstairandrail.com

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